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Beaudry's genealogy (6)

28. Raphael5 Fagnant was born circa 1756 at Quebec, Canada. He died on 22 November 1836 at St.Francois Xavier, Manitoba, Canada. He was buried on 24 November 1836 at St.Francois Xavier, Manitoba, Canada.

Children of Raphael5 Fagnant and Native Woman (see #29) were as follows:

i. Angelique4 Fagnant.

ii. Joseph Fagnant.

iii. Francois Fagnant was born in 1790 at Red River(1850Ci Minn, page 20; Dwelling 22, Family 22.). He married Charlotte Falardeau before 1823. He married Magdeleine Lemire, daughter of Pierre Lemire and Marie Blackfoot, on 27 November 1832 at St.Boniface, Manitoba, Canada.

He and Madeleine Fagnant were enumerated in the census on 30 August 1850 at Pembina, Minnesota Territory. Also in the family: Cuthbert Fagnant, Rosalie Fagnant, Paul Fagnant, Catherine Fagnant, Francois Xavier Fagnant, Moise Fagnant, Madeleine Fagnant, Marie Fagnant, and Isabelle Fagnant. 22, 22, Francois Fion, age 60, M, Hunter, b. Red River Br.; Magdaline, age 40, F, b. Red River Br.; Cuthbert, age 22, M, Hunter, b. Red River Br.; Rossilee, age 20, F, b. Red River Br.; Paul, age 16, hunter, b. Red River Br.; Catherine, age 14, F, b. Red River Br.; J. Savires, age 12, M, b. Red River Br.; Moyese, age 10, M, b. Red River Br.; Magdalane, age 8, F, b. Red River Br.; Mary, age 6, F, b. Red River Br.; Isabella, age 3, F, b. Red River Br(ibid.). He was a hunter on 30 August 1850 at Pembina, Minnesota Territory(ibid.). He was enumerated in the census on 15 July 1870 at St.Francois Xavier, Manitoba, Canada. Also in the family(1870C-MB, #2404-2409.).

iv. Josephte Fagnant was born circa 1791. She died on 20 November 1871 at Lac Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan, Canada.

14 v. Jean Baptiste Fagnant.

vi. Antoine Fagnant was born circa 1804. He died on 10 June 1856 at St.Francois Xavier, Manitoba, Canada. He was buried on 10 June 1856 at St.Francois Xavier, Manitoba, Canada.

29. Native5 Woman.
30. Michel Monet dit5 Bellehumeur was born circa 1780 at Quebec, Canada.

Children of Michel Monet dit5 Bellehumeur and Marguerite Grant (see #31) were as follows:

i. Michel Monet dit4 Bellehumeur and Reine Lagimoniere were never legally married No marriage record has been found, but Michel is probably the son of Michel Monet & Marguerite Grant circa 1832. He married Josephte Saulteaux on 5 February 1839 at St.Francois Xavier, Manitoba, Canada. He married Josephte Bruyere before 1846; Probable s/o Michel Monet & Marguerite Grant.

15 ii. Josephte dit Bellehumeur Monet.

iii. Andre dit Bellehumeur Monet was born on 7 February 1805 at Ruperts Land.

31. Marguerite5 Grant.
32. Beaudry ou6 Gaudry.

Children of Beaudry ou6 Gaudry and an unknown spouse were as follows:

i. Louison Joseph Gaudry5 Beaudry.

ii. Josephte Gaudry was born circa 1780. She died before 1830.

16 iii. Joseph (dit Gaudry) Beaudry.

33. Joseph6 Desjarlais and Okimaskwew - (see #34) were married according to the custom of the country.

Children of Joseph6 Desjarlais and Okimaskwew - (see #34) were:

18 i. Joseph Ladouceur dit5 Desjarlais.
34. Okimaskwew6 - and Joseph Desjarlais (see #33) were married according to the custom of the country.
35. Joseph Soldat6 Cardinal married Louise Frobisher (see #36), daughter of Joseph Frobisher and Charlotte Joubert, on 30 April 1844 at Fort des Prairie. He married Isabelle Capot-Vert, daughter of (--?--) Capot-Vert and (--?--) Vermillon, on 17 May 1849 at Fort des Prairie. He died in September 1856 at Lac la Biche.

Children of Joseph Soldat6 Cardinal and Louise Frobisher (see #36) were as follows:

i. Catherine5 Cardinal was born in 1789. She died on 30 April 1859.

ii. Jacques Cardinal was born in 1797 at Moose Mountain, near Pitt. He married Josephte Cree in 1810. He married Marguerite Desjarlais, daughter of (--?--) Desjarlais and une Sauteuse, in 1820. He was baptised on 19 April 1846.

He had a scrip application: in 1900: Cardinal, Jacque #581 Address: Lac la Biche Born: 1797, Moose Mountain near Pitt Father: Joseph Cardinal (French Cdn) Mother: Lizette (Maskegan Indian) Married: 1) 1814, Lac la Biche, Josephte (Cree) 2) 1820, Lac la Biche, Marguerite Desjarlais Children: 8 living, names on application Notes: 1. ? on relationship(HBSI.).

19 iii. Josephte Cardinal.

iv. Pierre Cardinal was born between 1810 and 1817. He married Marguerite Isimakits on 30 April 1844 at Fort des Prairie. He was baptised on 30 April 1844. He died circa 28 February 1875 at Lac la Biche, Alberta, Canada. He was buried on 28 February 1875 at Lac la Biche, Alberta, Canada.

v. Nancy Anne Cardinal was born circa 1814. She was baptised on 4 November 1844. She married Basil Beaudoin dit Labonne, son of Basile Beaudoin and Francoise Castor, on 4 November 1844 at Fort des Prairie, Isle a la Crosse.

vi. Laurent Cardinal was born in 1819. He was baptised on 4 November 1844. He married Marie Mondion ou Moignon, daughter of Joseph Mondion and Susanne Nadeau, on 4 November 1844 at Fort des Prairie, Isle a la Crosse. He died in August 1855 at Lac la Biche, Alberta, Canada.

vii. Norbert Soldat Kamiyowatamuit Cardinal was born circa 1829 at Buffalo Lake. He married Nancy-Anne Beaudoin dit Labonne, daughter of Basil Beaudoin dit Labonne and Nancy Anne Cardinal, on 24 April 1853 at Ste.Anne. He died circa April 1874 at Fort Saskatchewan.

36. Louise6 Frobisher was born in 1772. She married Joseph Soldat Cardinal (see #35), son of Joseph Cardinal and Marie Amable Rimbault or Imbault, on 30 April 1844 at Fort des Prairie.
37. Donald Ban Mor6 McGillis married Mary McDonell (see #38), daughter of Ranald McDonell, before 1758.

McGillis Family; by Clarence A. Kipling:

My G.G.G.Grandfather was named Donald Ban Mor McGillis, the term Ban Mor is a Gaelic Legend meaning Big Fair Donald. The wife of Donald Ban Mor McGillis was Mary McDonell of Lundy, daughter of Ranald McDonell of Lundy, the McDonell of Lundy were an important Sept of Glengarry Scotland.

Donald and Mary McGillis were Highland Scots and their home in the year 1767 was Munerighie, Inverness-shire Scotland.

In mid September 1773 Donald and Mary and family boarded the British navy frigate named 'Pearl', they arrived in Albany, New York in October 1773.

The migration to America was led by three brothers named McDonell. John, Sir William and Allan McDonell and their cousin, Spanish John McDonell, who was born at Knoydart, Scotland in 1828??. They also brought with them their Catholic priest named Father McKenna.

Donald Ban Mor McGillis and his cousin, Donald McGillis Jr., leased 100 acres of land from Sir William Johnson, who owned a great deal of land in the area, which had been given to him for his service in the early French war. The names of the two Donald McGillises appear on Sir John Johnson's Rent Roll of the Kingsborough Patent, which lay four miles north of the present day Mowhawk River filling most of the present day Johnstown.

The McGillis family farmed their lands in Tryon County until the American Revolution broke out on April 10, 1774 and many of these people had their land and possessions taken by the rebels and fighting on the British side, the farmers were deprived of their lands.

Donald Ban Mor McGillis seems to have left his land where he farmed and joined the Kings Royal Regiment of New York on May 6, 1876. From June 25, to December 24, 1877 he was at LaPrairie.

The Haldimand papers concerning returns of Loyalists that were quartered at Lachine, Quebec, appears the name of Donald McGillis for the period from October 25th to November 1780, with a wife and three sons and a daughter. He had served with the Royal Yorkers Regiment from March 25th to April 24th, 1781. From August 24, 1781 to September 24, 1781, still receiving provisions at Lachine, Quebec, his son Hugh McGillis was taken off the provisions list as he was 13 years old and was fit for service.

After the War was over Sir John Johnson organized a trek to Upper Canada with 800 United Empire Loyalists. These families had to make their way through wilderness, using canoes on the streams. They carried on their backs what household goods they could carry. From Montreal they used military bateaux to carry them up the streams of the St.Lawrence River, until they reached the vicinity of Lake St.Francis. The Government land office was located at New Johnstown near Cornwall, Ontario. The Loyalists showed their military records before receiving their deeds for the land grants which were given to the soldiers and families for their service in the British army by the Imperial Government.

Donald Ban Mor McGillis was now known as Sgt. Donald Ban Mor McGillis and his land grant was located on the East 1/4 Lot, 2, South Side of the River Aux Raisin (Black River) on the banks near Williamstown, Charlottenburgh, Glengarry, Ontario.

On October 16, 1784 a return of disbanded troops and dependents at Township No.I (Charlottenburgh) included an entry for Sgt. Donald McGillis with wife and 3 children with notation on their land.

According to a claim presented to the Government by Sgt. Donald Ban Mor Mcgillis, dated Jan. 25, 1788 at Montreal, Canada, it states that he was sending his son Hugh McGillis to bring official evidence of his claim and stated he was very ill and not able to attend. The statement read as follows: Donald McGillis, Late of Tryon County, New York is very ill and keeps to his bed and cannot attend, he was in Sir John Johns 1st Battalion, Kings Royal Regiment of New York, he was at Lachine, Quebec in 1783 and gave his claim to Captain Angus McDonell, he was a native of Scotland and came to America in 1773, had five sons in the British Army, he joined the British in 1777, served until the end of the war, produces his discharge as a Sergeant and now lives in New Johnstown, Upper Canada, had rented lands in America and 3 cows, 6 hogs, 3 pigs, 50 skipples of wheat, furniture and clothing, he left the place in Tryon County in 1777, the stock was left ont he land.

Sgt. Donald Ban Mor McGillis and Mary McDonell of Lundy had the following children: Ranald Gillis, Captain Donald Ban Og McGillis, John Go McGillis, Laird Hugh McGillis, Angus McGillis, Duncan McGillis, Isabella McGillis, and possibly Archie McGillis.

On Jan. 8, 1796 at River Aux Raisin a document made out by Sgt. Donald Ban Mor McGillis, shows a transfer of lands to his eldest son John Go Mcgillis (Go means Smith in Gaelic) and John was a blacksmith. The lands were given to Sgt. Donald Ban Mor McGillis for his military service. The lands were described as East 1/4 Lot, 2, South Side of the River Aux Raisin, which was 109 acres, Lot 20 in the 5th Concession of the township of Kenyon, Ontario, East 1/4 Lot 21 South Side of the River Aux Raisin in Charlottenburgh, Ontario. In 1817-19 John Go McGillis took steps in getting this land registered in his own name.

John Go McGillis was born in the Highlands of Scotland in 1750s?. He emigrated to the American Colonies in 1773 with his family. He resided there in the Colonies Previous to the breaking out of the American Revolutionary War. He joined the Royal standard in the year 1775 in a corps of volunteers also called the 84th Highland Regiment, commanded by Captain Tallmay and served as a Lieut. in the said corps. John received his commission, signed by Governor Tryon and Governor Patters, who was when Commandant in New York.

John Go was taken prisoner in the year 1781 at Gloucester Point. He was at the head of a boat, employed in bringing entrenching tools from the British shipping. On the 5th May 1783, when John Go was leaving New York, the vessel in which he was and other Loyalists, upset between New York and Staten Island. Every soul but him and one other person perished. At this time John Go lost his trunk, which contained his Commission of Lieut. He went on to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and remained there until coming to the River Aux Raisin in 1789. After he got to Cape Breton, John Go married Catherine McMillan, the daughter of Hugh McMillan and Mary. They had a son Donald McGillis, born 1784 in Cape Breton and he married Ruby Rutherford on December 28, 1820 at Lochiel, Ontario(Charles Denney.).

Children of Donald Ban Mor6 McGillis and Mary McDonell (see #38) were as follows:

i. Duncan5 McGillis married Mary Coon or Kuhn, daughter of Jacob Coon or Kuhn, on 28 September 1794 at Christ Church, Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

ii. Archie McGillis.

iii. Ranald McGillis.

iv. Gillis McGillis.

v. John Go McGillis married Catherine McMillan, daughter of Hugh McMillan and (--?--) Mary. He was born at Scotland. He married Catherine McMillan, daughter of Hugh McMillan and (--?--) Mary, at Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

vi. Donald Ban Og McGillis was born in 1758 at Scotland(ibid.). He died on 30 November 1843 at River Aux Raisin, Ontario, Canada.

vii. Hugh McGillis was buried at St.Marys, Williamstown, Ontario, Canada. He was born circa 1765 at Munerighie, Inverneshire, Scotland. He died on 23 July 1848.

viii. Isabelle McGillis married Alexander 'Black Alex' McDonald. She was born circa 1770. She died before 1847.

24 ix. Angus McGillis.

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