Photographs published in France in 1901

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A pastime of the Negros - cockfight

The moral education of people is longer still to make than its intellectual education. The practice of regular work is very difficult to give the negros. One their favorite pastimes was a long time to organize cockfights.

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The hovel of a Negro family: The idleness, such is the defect of many negros, it is by correcting them by a particular education that one will manage to improve condition. Remained to them in misery, much of them are still reduced by it to live poor wretches huts

Negros working with the gathering of cotton in thePlain ones of the south. The American Civil War which, in 1861, put at the catches states of the south, solved partisans of slavery, and those of north, decided to abolish it, finished with the advantage of the latter. Today, the negros are employed, realising wages, as free workers, where their fathers were slaves.

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Lynching in the United States - Hanging of a Negro Treated as bet, the negros are avenged, and the attacks which they make against the white are numerous. Justice in this case is summary. Convinced of flight, the unhappy one that represents our photography was hung forthwith.

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