U.S.A. History: Maps and Farwest Pictures - XIXe century - database (under construction)

U.S.A map graved by Arrowsmith, English geographer engineer, born at Winston in 1750, died in 1823.
Map of Pacific railway
farwest roadways
Map of Colorado
lowland cowboy
Farwest: a pause in the prairie
Indian buffalo hunter
stagecoach indian attack
Paunies Indians and Women
Grand Aigle
Tueur de Paunies
Jim Beckwith
Negros hawking the decree of stamping from the President Lincoln
Card of slavery in the United States
Duel of whips between two slaves
Negro's engraving
Punishment of a child slave
Doctor Doy and his son in prison of Platte City
A sight of the surroundings of Weston
Attacks vans of Doctor Doy by the eslcavagists
Interrogation of Doctor Doy and his son
The woman of Doctor Doy harangue the people of Platte City
Paysage of Joseph Saint in the state of Missouri
Prison of Joseph Saint in Missouri, delivery of Doctor Doy
Paysage in the basin of Missouri
History of Tom the Negro
The harvest of the cane with sugar

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