Dans cette rubrique dédiée à l'histoire de l'origine de l'écriture, nous nous proposons de publier une série d'articles rédigés par:

In this part dedicated to the history of the origin of writing, we propose to publish some articles written by Pierre Amiet, honorary general Inspector of French Museums, former conservator as a chief of the department of Eastern Antiquities of the Museum of the Louvre, who was kind enough to entrust us his articles in order to publish them on Internet.

Etruscan Phrases
by Mel Copeland

After ten years of work on the elusive Etruscan Scripts, in 1981 I published a book called, "Catalog of Etruscan Words". In the book I gathered all of the Etruscan scripts which were then extant and broke down the scripts into familiar words and phrases. Using a matrix I listed words which were common among the scripts, and using those words, which were often with repetitive phrases, such as one would find in noun plus epithet structures, i.e.: in liturgical use or in the Iliad, I isolated other words and phrases. Eventually I was able to compile a catalog of Etruscan words and how they were used in the various scripts. I published this catalog in 1981....

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